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R11 pagal DIN51130


Aliuminio profilis su triguba šepečio juostomis


Grindų įgilinime naudojant L formos rėmelį. Nepriklausomoje vietoje takelis su aliuminio

kampu 45mm nuolydžio ilgiu. Arba dedamas į polimerbetonines ar plastikines voneles.

Entrance mats are specially designed as an attractive and easily cleaned entrance matting systems for all intense wear areas; shopping malls, hotels, commercial premises, airports, schools, etc. Entrance mats offer excellent performance for heavy foot and trolley traffic.

Entrance matting systems stop dirt, sand and debris in the entrance area before they enter the building. Less dirt in building means lower maintenance costs, a reduced likelihood of costly slips and falls, and improved overall appearance.

Topwell entrance mats are made in Lithuania.

The foundation of Topwell mats are aluminium sections, connected by a stainless steel  wire and separated by rubber rings, making it possible to roll the mat for better handling when cleaning. Height of Topwell is 23mm. Rubber, triple brush or needle puch strips are inserted into the aluminium sections as required by the customer. Individual segments and components of the Topwell mat may be freely combined and replaced if worn.

Manufactured entrance mat Topwell are recognised by well known Lithuanian architects and recommended by INTERJERAS.LT.

Topwell mats have been awarded golden medal during exibition „Choose Lithuanian product, 2017“


TOPWELL grotelės yra pripažintos architektų, bei rekomenduojamos portalo Interjeras.LT

rinkis preke lietuviska

Parodoje “Rinkis prekę lietuvišką 2017” TOPWELL grotelės apdovanotos aukso medaliu.


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